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Skills Village 2030

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A practical framework for co-operative management using events as change agents for social inclusion,
cohesion, and integration.
Delivering effective programmes and projects against clearly articulated timelines.

Skills Village 2030 is a practical framework for workplace experience that uses festivals and events to identify and bring to market – commodities, goods, services and experience unique to the local community. Events build ‘communitas’ – a sense of belonging and workplace experience builds ‘capacity’ where the campus is the community using events to showcase enabling environments for decent livelihoods, social inclusion, cohesion and integration.

Learning occurs when individuals – the entrepreneurs - do the work.   Learning without purpose will not achieve what we as a country need – we need to focus on creating decent livelihoods that can contribute support the Government priorities – the 12 outcomes based on the Election Manifesto and the Medium Term Strategic Framework – so that together we can do more.

Skills Village 2030 has four cornerstones which provide the foundations for every member enterprise with which business is conducted using the International EMBOK2 – Event Management Body of Knowledge framework that provides a structure to facilitate monitoring and evaluation through a Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation System3.


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